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I belong to the congregation of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word. I joined the congregation in 1984; I made first vows in 1987 After I made my temporary vows, I was sent to a College in Mexico City and spent 3 years working a little at the school and continuing my training. I studied a year of sacred scripture and two years pastoral theology. Then I was sent to the city of Cuernavaca, of the State of Morelos. While being there was when I made my final vows, my definitive consecration to God. 

When I arrived to Ciudad Juárez my concern was to get to know the most deprived families. I began to visit some communities from here, from Lomas de Poleo, and from la Plutarco Elias Calles and others. That's how I started to know the reality of families. My work and my relationship in these communities has been to deliver various workshops, in sacred scripture, about human relations, on ecology and the care of the environment, and about alternative medicine. Also, there were various workshops for baking, tailoring, arts and crafts. More varied workshops emerged when I saw what they needed. I wanted to be sure to respond to their needs, things that they were asking about. Whatever the community asked for, we tried to respond. 

I met Father Pedro because one day he knocked on the door of the house while we were in a community meeting. I opened the door and asked what he wanted. He told me he was referred to me and wanted to help my work. I was looking for someone who constructs ecological toilets, because I need a toilet one for a family home. He was accompanied by someone else who was with him. Father Pedro and this person did a lot of work fixing things. For example, fixing some of the streets of the Community of Juanita Luna with only a wheelbarrow and shovel. He also worked a lot to help the Plutarco Elias community. He would come on his bike all the way from El Paso to help these communities, Lomas de Poleo, Parte Donatera and Plutarco. Father Peter encouraged us to have a community center where the people can get together because we didn’t have a space to get together. We used to get together on a patio of a family house. So Father Peter supported us economically to build these spaces. Father and his friends have given a lot of support to all these families of Ciudad Juarez to ease their worries about their needs. They also gave support to us, the nuns. 

I want to thank Father Peter for all his dedication because what he wants for the kids, the youth, and the families in general is to change Ciudad Juarez. That’s his dream, that the youth that are studying and learning can change Ciuadad Juarez. We, the sisters from the Center of Tonantzin Women are beyond grateful to the Miguel Pro Mission foundation and to Father Peter, and to all donors. We ask God to keep blessing them and keep conserving their generous hearts who know how to share with the least fortunate.

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