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Lord's Food Bank.png

Support to the Food Bank in Juarez

The "Lord's Food Bank"

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Support for a Juarez Fireman

"The roof collapsed over one room in the home of Carlos."

Family Receives Addition 2.png

Grieving Family In Need

"Family receives an addition"

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Punto Zero

(Shelter for the Mentally Ill)



Miguel Pro Mission is a 501(c)(3) charity aiming to reduce the
poverty of families in the city of Juarez Mexico, by our support

for multiple ministries:

  • We support the work in five community centers to inspire hope and provide spiritual encouragement. These centers unite people so that they can help one another as  well. We financially support low-cost Catholic private schools to educate hundreds of young people from pre-school through university, who would normally not get faith-based learning opportunities.

  • Our financial support also encourages the families of nearly 100 public-school students to keep their kids in school so that they will not choose to drop out of school  and work low-pay jobs for family support.

  • Some of our financial support also helps elder women, and mentally challenged individuals who need food or financial help for medical care.

  • Our secondary efforts aim to improve the living condition of those we help, by providing materials for home repairs. Also, we have built some homes for those who are homeless or for families with inadequate or irreparable homes.

Most of all, we hope that our primary focus on education will
allow some of our students to achieve professional status in
Mexico, and inspire others by providing dedicated service,
through their faith and earned knowledge.

“Our Founder Father Peter Urban”.



Mailing Address:
Miguel Pro Mission
P.O. Box 150480
Denver, CO 80215-0480

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